Holistic Equine Osteopathy

For every human with a 'horse issue'

there's a horse with a 'human issue'.

Helping horses and people at the same time is a dream from an early age. Initially I started the training as a holistic equine osteopath from my own passion and to be able to take good care of my colleagues co-coaches. However, during the osteopathy training and with 'practice clients', I soon realized that there is often a link between how rider/owner and horse feel and/or behave. In addition to the physical influence of rider on horse through the saddle, the seat, the bit, crookedness, etc., there is also the mental influence. Riders who are always tense or only performance-oriented with their horse, will unconsciously transfer that tension to their beloved animal. A horse that has to perform for a long time under tension will compensate for this in its attitude, which can cause all kinds of ailments. Conversely, for example, a jumpy horse will also make the rider tense. It is therefore important to always look at the broader context.

As an osteopathy student with a post-graduate degree in Personal Coaching - Equicoaching® I have been trained in reading the horse during my work, but I will also always be unbiasedly curious about the broader context in which the horse functions and lives, and therefore also its human being...

As part of my thesis for the last year of my holistic equine osteopath training, I am currently working with 3 research groups. One where I only follow the horse osteopathic. One where I get to work with rider and my own horse in Equicoach sessions. And a last group in which I work with both the horse and its human.

Want to know more about this project or to participate with your horse(s)?  
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Interested in a Holistic Equine Osteopathy treatment?
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Holistic equine osteopathy is complementary to general veterinary medicine and in no way a substitute. Just as you, as a human, go to the doctor for some ailments and consult an osteopath for others, you can also have an additional care program for your horse. It is good to be aware of this.

With holistic equine osteopathy I will look at your horse as a whole. The aim is to stimulate the self-healing capacity of the body. All structures and systems in the body (tissues, joints, muscles, tendons, organs, nerves, fascia, ...) influence each other and should be in harmony to have a healthy and loosely moving horse.

As an osteopath (in the making) I look for the underlying problem, because often the cause is not where the symptoms are expressed. By balancing systems, mobility is restored and because all systems are interconnected, several problems are often solved simultaneously.

I only use my hands and my eyes for this, no equipment or aids, and palpate and treat your horse with soft and slow movements. At the same time, I always pay attention to the reaction of your horse, because the horse immediately tells you when a manipulation or mobilization is healing for him or has reached a limit.

Every horse is different with regard to (pressure) sensitivities, so I will always start with respect for the animal by looking for and feeling where the boundary lies for your horse between comfort and stretch.

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