Ramses & Ricola

Meet our two lovely and beloved co-coaches,

Ramses (5) and Ricola (4)!

They have been carefully selected for you by CabaBLOOM

and just like you and us, they carry a story. 

Both our boys have Swiss parents and are Freibergers
(also known as Franches-Montagnes),

a very reliable breed that used to serve the Swiss Guard.

CabaBLOOM fell in love with them because they are cool-headed, warm-hearted and still innocently close to nature.

The perfect traits to coach you.

Switzerland provides major grants to breeders of Franches-Montanges to maintain the breed. They also have acres of meadows at their disposal. These meadows are provided with water which is closed at the end of September, beginning of October till springtime each year. This means that all horses must leave these pastures in due time. Unfortunately, most of the breeders have insufficient stabling to keep all foals and pregnant mares indoors all winter long. In addition, there is an extremely strict check that all horses do go outside every day, otherwise the owners have to pay fines.

This system, created with the right intentions and for a good cause, in fact has a perverse effect: a selection is being made in the foals, namely 'the best' are chosen for stallion inspection or to be presented as a broodmare, or for the sport.  All other foals are relentlessly taken to slaughter. And that is about 70%, often very beautiful foals, like Ramses and Ricola.

Two feet move your body,

four feet move your soul.

CabaBLOOM®  is embodied by Heidi Goossens with a full team, called family, in the back office and is the result of a fuze between passion for people, businesses and horses.

After an economic & paramedical education and more than 20 years professional experience in various sales, marketing and management roles in different international pharmaceutical industries searching for solutions for diverse human healthcare problems, I grew valuable insights.  Insights gained by participating in and observing from businesses in constant change, the valorisation of strategies towards tactical implementations, team dynamics and at least as important, the role of individual contributions and the strenghts of a true leader. Very valuable learnings were distilled from supporting doctors, other healthcare professionals and patient organisations in helping them support the patient community. 
After two years of studying psychology at the Open University, we supplement our knowledge with a post-graduate Equicoaching degree at Vives Hogeschool (KUL). 

People and businesses often set their own limitations for (personal) growth, without being aware. And since it is people that drive businesses, it often boils down to individual beliefs and feel-good. The thrive for change begins within yourself. The path to reach your goals, is very much like training horses... it grows small steps at a time.

Horses are not a hobby.  They are a belief. Horses are prey and herd animals, hence very sensitive and alert to the environment and to bodily signals of other horses in the herd, constantly screening horizons for predators.  As a result they continuously ‘read’ what is happening inside of us. They show us who we are by mimicking our inner feel. You can’t fool a horse. They feel the difference between external behaviour and underlying emotions. Masks fall off. Horses provide honest, direct and non-judgemental feedback.

CabaBLOOM® aims to poor all these ingredients together to help you BLOOM on your journey !

Where people and horses come together, magic happens.

Natural horse and humanship happens.