CabaBLOOM®  has the vision to be recognised as resourcement centre for providing pure horse and humanship approaches that transform lives of individual people,  and businesses dealing with questions for growth.

Our mission is to build your own healthy excellence based on the power of the strength that is right there, within you. We believe in the potential of the people, horses and businesses we serve.  We do this by offering you a unique environment for your learning experience where people and horses come together to learn and teach in extraordinary ways.

Image: Simon Sinek - 'Start with the why'

Caba , the orginal thought stems from Caballo, which means horse in Spanish.  Yet Caba also means taxi, and as in a way to travel CabaBloom will take you to your destination with the help of horses.
BLOOM from a state or time of beauty, freshness, and vigor, an opening to higher perfection, analogous to that of buds into blossoms, bringing a person, a horse, a business, etc, to flourish.

Our values



towards your Own



It is about an active process, that requires to begin with your initiative to start a coaching traject and start building.

It is your life and it are your decisions. In respect of the environment you live in, everything about you is ok to be there. You are good as you are. With your strenghts and weaknesses.

Life is full of exiting challenges. Yet sometimes it can feel overwhelming. That is were a stop can do good to take the time to observe where you are and where you want to go from here. 

Things happen, like a chain reaction in a natural way. Let it come to you. 

Some people aim climbing a mountain, for other people the biggest win is to get out of bed in the morning.

It is about maximizing the strenght that is right there in you and defining your own goals.


CabaBLOOM® is a member of the professional organization CENTAUR FEDERATION and subscribes to the Charter
that aims to monitor the quality of training and practice.