During a first encounter we meet for an intake session. 

This intake session normally takes place between the horses,  outside in the nature. Exceptionally it can be planned online.

During this intake session we assess together which theme(s) we take further down the road and chunk these into workable goals.

This session is a very important session as it lays the foundations and the goals for our further collaboration.

Therefore we really take the time as needed to explore together all ins and outs of your theme.  An Intake session might take up to 2 hours.

Blooming takes time, room for silence, room for you to just be.

Fixed Price: €95


Sessions always take place in connection with the horses. Never at a desk. Never online. The input of the horses is what makes Equicoaching® fundamentally different from regular coaching, leading to succes stories in 1/3rd of the time it would take with regular coaching.
During the sessions all my attention goes to you and to what you are bringing. You will be listened to. Really listened, without judgement, with unconditional acceptance of who you are. And you will be challenged to take a different perspective, to reflect in other ways.

The frequency, number and sometimes the duration and location of the sessions is to be mutually agreed upon.

CabaBLOOM® also embraces sessions with your horse, or other horses on other locations. Special demands like group/team coachings are also possible, but require a tailor-made approach & pricing.

1 session (1h): 60€

1 session (1h30): 90€
(payment per session)

Each 10th session = for free

Warm or cold days? The weather is rarely a bummer at CabaBLOOM®  In our time-out zone you will find warmth around the fire pit, with a nice cup of coffee or tea. And in the summer you will be cooled with something fresh under the shade of the trees. In the event of an emergency, we can always use the spacious shed.


CabaBLOOM® is there to help you bloom on your pathway to the better version of you, is there to help you gain insights in what is happening now in your life, what is holding you back, what is helping you forward.

This takes time.

1 session might give you a flavor, but will not bring you many solutions, leaving you disappointed and confused, while we aim for your success story.

With CabaBLOOM® you invest in your inner self, in your resiliance, in your inner wellness, in the most precious thing you own.

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone

Curious to find out if Equicoaching® is something for you?

Write or call me and I'll explain with love all you need to know to make your decision.

Note that over the phone or mail we don't deep dive into your theme yet, we practicallly just level out if Equicoaching® is the best tool to help you with your current question.

With waiting lists at psychotherapists and psychologists being extremely long, coaching can in many situations offer you a sparring partner and bring you relief sooner.

This explorative contact is of course for free.