Horses live in a herd in the wild.

Why? Together they are stronger. A herd of horses together is as strong as a lion. This is quite impressive when you realize that they have no weapons to defend themselves. Their best weapon is their cooperation.

Horses don't have own territory. They move around and are constantly at the mercy of changing environments and outside influences over which they have no control.

A herd is only as strong as its weakest link. That is why it is important that herd members are open to each other about their strengths and weaknesses. The leadership in a herd can change. Depending on the circumstances, the one who has the right strength to keep the herd safe at that moment will come forward.

Based on that philosophy, CabaBLOOM® also looks at collaborations with other coaches, therapists, people or organizations with similar values ​​and the intention to offer people a peaceful landing place. After all, other working methods, services and insights can be very supplementary. Below are a number of local people who share this vision. This list is not intended to be limiting and grows with us.

Huis van Mem / House of Mem

Corten Ann en Stuyck Patrick

Tel.: 0489 85 63 10

Adres: Zepbrugstraat 34, 3545 Halen

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  • time-out moments: Equicoaching®, horse hugging, ...

“We would like to welcome you at HUIS VAN MEM, a unique meeting place on a centuries-old domain. Enjoy a casual atmosphere, tasty local products, a warm welcome and the green surroundings with beautiful panoramic agricultural views. WELCOME"