The methodology and models behind Equicoaching's unique approach mean that diverse requests for help, target groups and ages can be guided. CabaBLOOM does not exclude anyone and we grow our customer base organically.
Through continuous training in specific themes, we also grow as an organization with the diverse contexts of the people who place their trust in us.


Equi-me is focussing on you as an individual, on any age, in any stage of your life path. You as your pure 'self', functioning in an ecosystem of family, friends, acquaintances,  colleagues,... You, as the result of your education, environment and heriditary givens. With your own wants and values. What withholds you from chasing your dreams? What dreams are really yours and what are someone else's dreams you're living? Do you feel like there's more in you, but you don't succeed in materializing it? Does everybody 'see' you? Are you living a difficult moment, struggling with study choice, struggling with belonging? Are you really in a midlife-crisis or could you call it an evolution ? Is the transfer to your pensioned life , caring for grandchildren, making you requestion things?

Equi-me can simply hold you an independant mirror to help answer your questions for individual growth. 

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All you have taken for granted, the normal course of life... everything changed in the blink of an eye.  A life-changing diagnosis forces you to reconsider your options, while continuing functioning in the ecosystem of before. The world keeps on turning, but your world stands still. 

Equi-patient can help you as a patient by offering mindfull moments to regain your energy to cope with this new situation.

Your healthcare provider (doctor, psychotherapist, nurse, ...) or patient association might consider offering you this additional support as part of multidisciplinary care, or they may decide to use the principles of coaching to gain a better understanding of your personal trajectory. CabaBLOOM® is always ready to enter into a dialogue with your healthcare provider and to see together how equi-patient can help you.

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As a manager you always want what is best for the business, your employees or colleagues. Your work is also central to your life.

You have growth objectives for the company, for your team, for yourself. How do you come across to your team? Don't they seem to understand where you want to go? You have career expectations, but every opportunity seems to be seized by someone else? Are you afraid of not meeting the expectations of your boss or colleagues? Fortunately, they do not feel what you feel inside and they cannot see how you sometimes doubt yourself or your choices. Stress and burnout lurk around the corner .. maybe not with you, but in the team?

Equi-manager will work with you to form a picture of what success looks like for you and how you can work towards it.

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A (business) team brings together individuals with different colors, profiles and backgrounds to form a new entity with common goals. Sometimes, not always, corporate teams are led by a manager. Sometimes, not often, teams function in sphere models that require even more agility and responsibility from each individual contributor. How does communication play a role? Are team lineups a coincidence? How can each individual bring out the best in themselves, with respect for the group and the common goal? How can you improve your dynamics to become an even better performing team?

Equi-Team can support teams of up to 6 people. A bigger team? Still contact us, we might find a creative solution.

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