What customers share


"At the time of the session itself I was very deeply absorbed in my emotions and insecurity. As the session progressed I started to feel more and more relieved."
V. (20, student)

"I thought you should tell me what to see in the horse. I especially thought it was a stubborn donkey who didn't want to cooperate. Until the sessions showed me that I often pass on the responsibility for problems and that today's situation in the family with our daughter is a symptom of the dynamics in our household. Not easy to accept, but now we can move forward."

S. (41, manager)

“I loved that you stood next to me during the exercise session when I was struggling and that I trusted you completely. It really helped me towards the future.”

M. (62, caregiver)

"In the beginning, I had a bit of a hard time opening myself up and talking about issues that I don't normally talk about. Sometimes questions were asked that were difficult, but which brought a lot of clarity."
S. (26, chronically ill)

“I went home with a concrete plan to address an urgent issue in my team and I'm grateful for that."

K. (56, manager)

"Our sessions have been very helpful to me, so I just wanted to say thank you again! Also thank you very much for the photos and the attachments, they will certainly come in handy!"

M. (21, student)

I have thought a lot about the 'chaos' I caused to your horses, it is often chaos with us 🙈, it brought me clarity!

K. (40, social worker)

"After the session I felt very relieved, understood and above all re-charged. It was as if some kind of weight had been lifted off my shoulders, which is certainly very exceptional for me."

C. (38, nurse)

"I would definitely recommend CabaBLOOM to others. This is because I think that a horse can very much mirror how someone feels and also help that person to deal with that feeling. Heidi is also a very calm and nice person to participate in these sessions. She is very calm and understanding.

M. (25, student)

“He feels so warm. I can feel his heart!”