Social Media Policy

As a Social Media channel, CabaBLOOM® currently only manages Instagram and can manage multiple channels in the future (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter), in order to remain fully connected with the community and to build an inviting positive dialogue with people who are interested are in our work. We value your views and encourage you to participate in on-topic discussions on our pages. All relevant comments, feedback and content are warmly welcomed. Unfortunately, we sometimes have to remove a response from our social media. You can read why below.

Your comment is irrelevant

We do not intend to censor you, but if a comment is completely off the mark, contains spam, unsubstantiated allegations, or if your comment includes promotion for services or products, we will remove it. CabaBLOOM will always contact you to explain why a comment has been removed. If you do not agree with this, we can always consult further.

Your comment is inappropriate or does not fit the standards, terms of use or rules of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

We will remove comments that violate applicable laws and regulations, such as:

- offensive, defamatory, threatening, obscene or violent messages

- fraudulent or intentionally misleading messages

- repetitive or continuous messages

- Offensive messages targeting specific individuals or groups based on ethnicity, race, religion, age, sexual orientation

- hateful or discriminatory messages

- political messages

- sexually explicit links or messages

- commercial requests

- unreasonable or improper disclosure of other people's personal information or information that violates intellectual property rights

- messages that could be considered inappropriate or offensive in any other way.

Situations not mentioned above

CabaBLOOM® reserves the right to delete comments at its sole discretion. If you think a deletion is unjustified, please contact us. If users do not comply with the above rules, CabaBLOOM® also reserves the right to remove or block them from our pages. You can always contact us at